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Peggathy Gabriel
Peggathy Gabriel

Postural Alignment Specialist

Postural Alignment TherapyWhat does my posture have to do with my pain?? This is a very common question people ask when they are first looking into Postural Alignment Therapy as a way out of their chronic pain.

Muscle imbalances and poor joint functioning can lead to both acute and chronic injuries. Improper body mechanics may cause spinal alignment problems and muscle shortening, which leads to other muscles being overused or misused, and becoming painful.

Proper postural alignment means that your ears are aligned to the center of your shoulder, shoulders are aligned directly over your hips, your hips are squarely balanced over your knees, and your knees are directly over your ankles. In addition, when standing your toes should be facing directly forward with your feet parallel.

If your load-bearing joints are not stacked directly over each other you are likely to suffer from a combination of muscular imbalances, develop restrictions in the range of motion of your joints, and (as a result) experience bodily pain. Learning how to get your critical load-bearing joints back into proper alignment is essential to proper functioning and pain-free living.

As a trained Postural Alignment Practitioner certified through Egoscue® University, I can analyze your posture and provide you with a personalized assessment and customized menu of simple stretches and exercises (we call them E-cises) specifically designed to address your individual postural and muscular imbalances, which may be a primary cause of your pain.

Your menu of stretches and exercises will aid you in restoring full, natural function to your muscles and joints.  This menu will address chronic musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation. If you follow the exercises your body will change.

After reviewing your assessment with you I will then train you in how to properly perform each stretch and exercise. An Initial Postural Alignment Analysis & E-cise Session can require up to 2 hours.


"I am grateful for this knowledge because I can see in the photos how my body has changed. Where my shoulders were before, bent forward, they are now free of that hump I was getting. Also my headaches are gone. I am so grateful that Peggy Gabriel took the path that led her to this because now I get to have it too. . "

Diane Tigany