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Peggathy Gabriel
Peggathy Gabriel

My name is Peggathy Gabriel and after years of pain and suffering I have discovered this system called EGOSCUE®. It is named after Pete Egoscue, who developed this amazing system and has helped thousands including top athletes of all kinds as well as dancers, movie stars and much more. This therapy has changed my life as it has changed many lives. It is for the long term. No matter how old you are, or what you have been through. Having better posture is going to allow you to be healthier and more empowered in your life. It also relieves pain.


"I frankly was in so much pain that I didn't know which part of my body was worse. My neck was frozen, my shoulders, my hips, my leg joints. The first session peg showed me how to do static back. It made a huge difference immediately and I still do it whenever I am feeling like the pain could come back. Yes, my pain is almost all gone. My hips and upper body were very rotated. I have eight menus and use them intermittently My neck can turn, my shoulders are not rotated . If I feel like I am going to go into a pain episode on a Friday night, I never worry anymore that my pain eliminating people wont be available for an appointment any more. I simply do my menus, even it it takes an hour. Its so worth it. "