Pain Free Directions


Why am I in pain?

What I am about to tell you is not to take the place of advice from a physician or medically trained advisor. I highly recommend that your doctor gives you approval before you take on the posture alignment therapy that I am about to describe to you.


Our human body is designed to maintain a pain free condition for our entire lifetime. When we have episodes of pain, it means that something is blocking our body from doing what it was designed to do. This is how we can know that something is awry. What I do is coach people on how to make their pain go away, with an amazing system that is totally natural to the body.


The body is designed to be symmetrical. With modern technology, computers, driving and daily demands, we have become more sedentary and unaware of our bodies. Almost everything we do such driving, using a mouse, carrying groceries, or even carrying our children on one hip creates imbalance which in turn affects our joints and our health. Asymetrical activities cause muscles to be stronger on one side of the body leaving the other side weakened and out of balance. If your muscles are tight on one side and not the other, a compensation occurs that affects the whole body. When muscles are being used in this dysfunctional way some muscles become bullies that pull the bones out of alignment. All of this can be fixed.

For example: If the right hip is rotated forward or one of the shoulders is forward of the other, they cannot work together properly. Over time, damage occurs to the joints and other parts of the body are affected as well.

Another example: When you have a forward head posture, the muscles at the top of your back and your neck have to work much harder to keep your head from falling forward. If you do not address it, over time muscles will grow as the body's way of helping, and a condition called Kyphosis will occur, which is a rounded back. YOUR POSTURE CAN BE CORRECTED WITH YOUR EFFORTS!

"I only had one session with Peg, and it helped with the pain I was having in my low back immediately. I have not gone back because the pain is mostly gone, and if it flares up I know what to do from my first menu. Its good stuff. "

C. Horger